Bangladesh is known to all over the world for its rich natural resources and its highly skilled workforce; the only challenge at this point is the acute power shortage which is a result of growth and industrialization within the country over the past 3 decades.

The government faces a challenge of ensuring uninterrupted power supply to the manufacturing plants, while alternate energy sources remain limited and expensive. With much load on the national grid, the only alternate available to industries is diesel generators. This option is not only expensive, but is high maintenance and pollutes the environment. Diesel generators are an impractical and ineffective alternate to regular power supply from the grid.

Keeping this serious problem in mind and given its success and vast experience in the energy sector, LIC Bangladesh Ltd. has now decided to work on providing solar energy solutions within Bangladesh and energy efficient products which are cost saving, pollution free, green friendly with very low maintenance cost. LIC BANGLADESH LTD. commits to provide green solutions to help overcome power shortage by proving alternate energy solution i.e. solar panels and better light that considerably reduces electricity consumption, thus resulting is lowered pressure on the national grid. This will increase efficiency of electricity utilization.

Power production in Bangladesh is always lower than demand; finding new or technical ways to reduce the excess usage of power is essential. LIC BANGLADESH LTD. launched its new technology LED tube light and bulb

LIC SOLAR POWER SYSTEM is one of the SOLAR POWER solution providers in Bangladesh started its journey in 2008 to provide complete electrical solution using solar system. As a pioneer customer centric brand, LIC solar constantly design and develops innovative products that are best suited to public needs.

Research and development has long been a top priority at LIC SOLAR POWER SYSTEM. This in turn has increased the efficiency & effectiveness of its production and also increased the employees work satisfaction. Our product and services are assured through proper designing, quality manufacturing, sound marketing and solid technical support.

LIC POWER & TECHNOLOGY is highly strong on developing and customizing Solar for specially Rural areas, Real Estate Housings, Educational Institutions, Large Manufacturing Industries, Departmental Stores, Hospitals, Banks etc. though its own  engineering or technical team.